BioLite’s headlamp 425 looks unique thanks to straps that are moulded into the front lighting unit. This makes them very comfortable to wear. This is the only torch tested with a rear-mounted battery pack; it’s pretty small and doesn’t affect comfort. Like most BioLite torches of this design, the rear battery has a button for activating a rear-facing red strobe (great for staying visible) and the battery indicator.

The downside is that the internal 1000mAh rechargeable cell offers relatively poor run time. I was unable to achieve the claimed 60 hours on low setting (unspecified lumens), and got more like 48. On high mode it drains very quickly, within about 2 hours. Again, this is a pre-production sample and performance may be better on production units. On the plus side, there’s a USB-C port, and it works with all my cables.

I wear glasses on the hill, and the main LED of this torch protrudes from the casing, with no lip to prevent downspill. This means that I get severe glare – a real problem that affected my ability to see. I can’t recommend this if you wear glasses.

Due to its strap comfort and rear red strobe, I think this torch is best suited to short trail/road runs. It would work ok as a general summer torch, but there are better units at this price.

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