These I like, simply because they’re comfortable. They’re perhaps not quite as light or lacking in bulk but the fabric’s that bit more robust than some of the lighter over-trousers featured. The near-fulllength side zips have good storm flaps behind which help prevent them snagging on trouser fabric. The ankles seal closed with a simple popper that offers a choice of two positions.

Access to the pockets of trousers worn underneath isn’t bad. The inner’s mesh lining only extends to the knee but I found it still snagged on my footwear when pulling the over-trousers on. The side zips off er some venting without the risk of either the trousers opening up during use or of water ingress in heavy rain (provided your waterproof jacket is long enough). Venting’s important as, like the majority of waterproof over-trousers, I found these ran quite warm. The price is a tad high compared to similar over-trousers.