The Expeditor is an uncomplicated and wallet-friendly ‘entry-level’ 3-season boot that’s comfortable straight out of the box. There’s lots of flex in the toe box and plenty of room for the toes on descent. The heel is held firmly in place with a higher ankle cuff and sensible, unobtrusive lacing. Overall it’s built on a longer, narrower last and as such I found the toe overhung a little. This wasn’t a problem at all on easier ground but it started to matter more when off-trail – I snagged the toe a few times on roots and rocks.

The sole unit is reasonably grippy and offers a fair amount of cushioning, plus there’s some lateral support in the midsole, too. The mesh and suede upper provides what synthetic hiking boots cannot – a near- perfect balance between warmth and breathability – which was incredibly comfortable across a range of conditions from warm rain to deep snow. The AQ liner remained intact and my feet stayed dry throughout, no doubt assisted by that natural material in the upper. There is no rand at the front of the boot, which suggests that these are designed mainly with tracks and trails in mind. Overall, there’s nothing that surprises or excels here; but that needn’t be a criticism if the fit works for you. The price is also excellent.

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