This close-fitting, warm and comfortable top is by far the lightest merino wool garment tested and also the only garment made in the UK. It’s quite compact as well and so suitable for carrying in the pack as a spare or for campwear. It’s also unusual in that it’s completely seamless, being made with a process called ‘whole body’ knitting. The front and back are plain knit while the sides, shoulders and sleeves are rib knit, which makes them very stretchy. Combined with a little Lycra this makes for a garment that hugs the body without being restrictive. This close fit makes the top quite warm even though the wool is quite thin. The sleeves have thumb loops and extend over the backs of the hands so there is no gap with gloves and they can’t ride up. The sleeves can be pushed up in warm weather. There’s an extended back and the top as a whole is longer than most so there’s no chance of it separating from your trousers.