Odlo says this garment has an ‘ergonomic shape and modeling look’. What this means is that it’s skin-tight and clings to every fold and crevice. If you don’t look like a model it’s probably not the best garment to wear without a layer over it. Initially I wasn’t sure about the comfort of the tight fit. However it’s also really stretchy and during a long ski tour I soon forgot about it. The only seams are on the arms and shoulders, the body being seam free. The garment is made up of many panels of different densities and knits, designed to provide extra warmth where most needed and to allow freedom of movement. I found it quite warm overall but I’m most impressed by the fast wicking. On the ski tour it stayed dry though the next layer became quite damp as it couldn’t pass moisture as quickly. The top is treated with Odlo’s silver-base antimicrobial which has worked well so far. It’s designed for winter use but I reckon it would be okay for autumn and spring too.