The Mondo Zip is an excellent merino wool top that is comfortable and warm and can be worn for many days without it smelling. It has a snug collar, a short zip for ventilation and offset shoulder and side seams. The sleeves can be pushed up in warm weather though overall the weight of fabric makes this better for cooler conditions. The fabric has a small amount of stretch but not enough for me to wear the medium size over another base layer. Icebreaker describes it as close-fitting and it is. For wearing as a second layer I’d need to go up a size.

Icebreaker merino wool comes from free-ranging New Zealand sheep and each garment comes with a sewn-in Baacode (oh dear!) so you can trace it back to the source. I checked the one on the test garment and found it came from one of three possible sheep stations, the details of which were all much the same.