Most hiking boots come in just one width so if that’s wrong for your feet then you need to find another model. The Fremingtons come in five width fittings and so will fit far more people than other boots. That said, if you have really wide feet they still might not fit as I needed the widest fitting and can still only wear them with lightweight socks.

In design these are traditional classic ‘little brown boots’. They’re made from one piece of leather, with just one side seam and an extra reinforcement on the heel. This should make them durable as there are few seams to split. The smooth leather outer repels water well too, though the Sympatex inner ensures that none gets through to the inside. The membrane and the leather make these boots quite warm and better for winter than summer. They are also very stiff , both toeto-heel and side-to-side, and will easily take walking crampons. I prefer much more flexible footwear but for those who like fairly rigid boots these would be a good choice.

The uppers are quite firm compared with most of the other boots tested too, which, combined with the solid toe bumper and hard heel cup, makes these boots for those who want their footwear to protect against rocks and stones. The Vibram sole has quite deep lugs and grips well. The PU midsole gives reasonable cushioning though not as good as some.

As you’d expect from such a substantial boot the weight is at the higher end of lightweight. The price is high too but the boots should last well and the choice of widths does provide a strong advantage.