Prepare to read a fair bit more about Adidas in the coming months: the company is currently ploughing some reasonable effort and expense into making inroads in the outdoor market and this keenly priced jacket is just one of the products being levelled at us. First impressions are that it’s a reasonable jacket, on a par with most here. I found the fit a little tight, especially at the waist and chest, and the narrow cuffs prevented me rolling up the sleeves – more pertinently, it might also prevent the sleeves sitting over other clothing layers comfortably. The warmth offered was reasonable. While tiny amounts of down showed at the seams of plenty of the jackets tested for this feature, there seemed to be just a little more escaping from the LiDown’s. A reasonably sized stuff sack is provided (see note on Mountain Hardwear jacket) which, being mesh, will at least allow a small degree of airing.