Daniel Neilson likes the features and loves the price of this shirt

I’ve seen this shirt for £6 at sportsdirect.com and for £8 at store.karrimor.com. If it’s still priced that competitively by the time you read this, then buy it. Not only is it incredibly cheap, it’s also one of the most fully-featured shirts here. It’s not the best – that would go to Fjällräven, also reviewed– but for that price I think it deserves the status of Best Buy.

The features include two button pockets, an arm pocket, and, uniquely, a very large zipped chest pocket that can comfortably swallow a map, several in fact. It can also be opened for ventilation.

The collar has an extra ‘flip’ to it meaning it can be curled up to protect against the sun, and the whole shirt offers UPF 30+ protection. Plus it has been treated with insect repellent treatment. It’s made from a ripstop pattern nylon, but feels nice against the skin. There’s a ventilated panel at the back too.

Wow. Six quid, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

First published: Spring 2014