GP Batteries launch campaign to help outdoor enthusiasts save money and help protect the environment
Rechargeable batteries not only save users money, but will help reduce the 600 million batteries thrown away in the UK each year, according to battery manufacturer GP Batteries. It’s the first time a battery manufacturer has challenged an entire industry to switch to eco-friendly rechargeable batteries.
At the recent annual Outdoors Industries Association (OIA) conference, GP Batteries launched its ‘Recharge the Outdoors’ campaign, which challenged retailers to switch to only selling eco-friendly rechargeable batteries in a bid to reduce the 600 million batteries thrown away in the UK every year. This adds up to over 20,000 tonnes of batteries sent to UK landfill sites per annum. Heavy metals within battery cells can leach into the environment.
Backed by the OIA, the ‘Recharge the Outdoors’ campaign is appealing to the outdoor industry to look at changing its attitude towards disposable batteries and, as well as asking outdoor retailers to only sell rechargeable batteries, is asking outdoor consumers to make the switch to only buying rechargeable batteries and to recycle single-use disposable batteries.

“There needs to be greater education on the environmental impact of discarded batteries and what they can do about it”

Marketing Manager for GP Batteries (UK) Ltd James Tuck, says: “The outdoor enthusiast is, by nature, a more eco-conscious consumer and with consumers being more aware than ever of the impact that the products they purchase have on the environment, we are starting to see a change in behaviour. However, with over half the UK population still not knowing that all batteries can be recycled once they reach their end-of-life, there needs to be greater education on the environmental impact of discarded batteries and what they can do about it.
“This campaign will hopefully raise awareness of battery usage, the importance of recycling old batteries and urge consumers to switch to rechargeable ones. This is the outdoor industry’s opportunity to lead the way to a future of a more environmentally friendly battery being the standard, not just an option!” continued James.
Switching to a rechargeable battery such as GP’s ReCyko+ Pro (SRP £9.98 for AA pack of 4) will significantly reduce the environmental damage generated by discarded disposable batteries. GP’s ReCyko+ Pro can be recharged up to 1500 times; meaning for each battery used, 1,500 fewer single-use disposable batteries will have to be used and recycled or sent to landfill.
The batteries – which can last up to 25 years – not only help to save the environment, but save consumers money in the long term. ReCyko+ Pro batteries are some of the most powerful rechargeable batteries on the market and are ideal for high-drain appliances such as digital cameras, MP3 players and remote-control toys. Their longevity make them excellent value for money.
On backing the campaign, Chief Executive of the OIA, Andrew Denton, said: “I was shocked to learn about the environmental impact of disposable batteries – it isn’t something that has been in the outdoor trade’s mind in recent years, however it seems it has the potential to be a huge issue and the effect of the tens of thousands of tonnes of discarded batteries in the UK each year is something that we need to change. We understand that the UK missed its set target for battery recycling again last year, and we thought as an industry committed to a sustainable future, the outdoor industry should be at the forefront of that change.
“While it would be fantastic to start by recycling existing single-use batteries, the ultimate objective is to get everyone to switch to rechargeable batteries!”
Header image © mariva2017 / Shutterstock