The BMC’s Mend Our Mountains initiative launched over the weekend – here’s how you can help
In November, we reported that the BMC’s hugely successful Mend Our Mountains initiative, which raised more than £100,000 to repair Britain’s hills in 2016, was returning with a bigger and more ambitious target than ever before. Ten times more ambitious, in fact. This year, Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million aims to raise £1 million for a range of vital path-repair projects across all our National Parks.
The public push was launched at the BMC Sheffield Adventure Film Festival on 9-11 March, and was followed by a walk on Saturday 10 March over Mam Tor and the Great Ridge, accompanied by BMC ambassador Mary-Ann Ochota and the Mend Our Mountains team. As you can see from this tweet, the event was a success – but the eroded paths served to highlight why this initiative is important.

How you can help

It’s simple: you can donate here. If you love the outdoors, help the BMC to heal the hills and countryside that we all value so highly.