Lights! Camera! Action! Ellis Brigham & Find It Film support women outdoors with #EngageYourSenses project
Leading outdoor retailer Ellis Brigham and Find It Film, both specialists in women’s sport and adventure, have announced a new collaboration that will celebrate women’s stories through inspiring film, imagery and blog posts.
The project is designed to showcase strong female role models and encourage greater participation, particularly amongst women and girls. Featuring a range of outdoor activities and a mix of female athletes from recreational to pro, #EngageYourSenses will tell authentic, engaging and refreshingly honest stories that are designed to encourage and inspire others to try something new.
Why #EngageYourSenses? The project focuses on the five senses – sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste – exploring why these women compete or challenge themselves to achieve their goals. The project will look at situations where the senses are pushed to the limit, sending crucial messages to the brain, as well as the emotional triggers that motivate and inspire these incredible athletes.
Designed to be both visually stunning and compelling in their storytelling, the five films will then link together to form one complete film that will be shown at film and outdoor festivals around the country and globally.
Mark Brigham, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports, said: “This is an exciting project to be involved in and we are proud to have our ambassadors tell their stories from the world of trail running, climbing, skiing and adventure. As a father of two girls myself, I hope that in years to come they will be inspired by these stories and find their own passions in life that drive them.”

​Girls on film

Laura Jones, Athlete adventurer. View Episode 1

Laura Kennington, Athlete adventurer and kayaker. View Episode 2

Millie Knight – Paralympic skier and world downhill ski champion. View Episode 3

Georgia Pilkington, British Para Climbing Champion 2014-2016. View Episode 4