GP Batteries presents three reasons why switching to rechargeable tech is a smart move for the outdoor enthusiast.
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Tech gadgets such as torches, headtorches, GPS units, cameras and smartphones are all essential to many outdoor enthusiasts.
Most outdoor tech requires a battery, but with over 20,000 tonnes of batteries thrown away and sent to landfill sites in the UK each year – and heavy metals in these potentially turning toxic and seeping into the environment – they are not eco-friendly and are damaging to the great outdoors. So what is the alternative?
“Save money, save the planet – only buy rechargeable batteries!”
With its new ‘Recharge the Outdoors’ campaign, the world’s number-one rechargeable battery manufacturer GP Batteries is challenging the entire outdoor industry to switch to eco-friendly rechargeable batteries in order to save the environment.
Not only does GP want outdoor consumers to only buy rechargeable batteries, it wants all outdoor retailers to only sell rechargeable batteries. But what are the benefits of switching to rechargeables?

1. Eco benefits

Switching to a rechargeable battery such as GP’s ReCyko+ Pro (SRP £9.98 for AA pack of 4) will significantly reduce the environmental damage caused by discarded disposable batteries. GP’s ReCyko+ Pro can be recharged up to 1,500 times. This means that for each battery used, 1,500 fewer single-use disposable batteries will have to be used and recycled or sent to landfill.

ReCyko+ Pro

2. Cost benefits

Rechargeable batteries are not only great for the environment, but also great for your pocket. Buying a rechargeable battery that can be recharged up to 1,500 times means 1,500 fewer single-use batteries need to be purchased – saving you money in the long term. After the third use you save money each time you use the battery!

3. Performance benefits

Rechargeable batteries can deliver improved performance in high-drain appliances – giving you more juice whether you’re out on the trail or at a campsite. GP’s ReCyko+ Pro batteries are some of the most powerful rechargeable batteries on the market and are ideal for high-drain appliances such as digital cameras.

Rechargeable tech

Being committed to rechargeable technology and reducing the need for single-use batteries, GP doesn’t just make rechargeable battery cells, but also a range of rechargeable tech that is great for the outdoors.

beam PR57

With a brightness of 1,000 lumens, the beam High Lumen Rechargeable PR57 (SRP £84.99) is a powerful flashlight that can easily and quickly be recharged. Features include: 3 brightness levels plus strobe to suit different applications and needs, tactical dual switch for direct one-handed operation, instant strobe and momentary-on, and PWM regulation for accurate light output at different levels.


GP’s new professional-grade XPLOR headtorches offer unbeatable performance for the serious outdoor enthusiast and are powered by primary or removable rechargeable batteries. This means once the rechargeable battery reaches its end of life you can easily replace it without having to replace your headtorch, as is the case with other brands on the market – again saving you money!


Ideal for camping, walking and night-time runs, the PH14 200lm (SRP £17.99) and PH15 300lm (£24.99) – which offers a greater beam distance – feature red night vision, spot and flood beams, three brightness modes, and a flashing mode. Perfect for mountain climbing, rock climbing, skiing and running, the rechargeable PHR15 300lm (SRP £34.99) comes with GP’s ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged via a Micro USB port built in to the headtorch.
Ideal for devices that have a built-in rechargeable battery, GP’s new ChargeAnyway offers a new-generation hybrid power solution, giving you a way to keep in charge of your power supply in a one-stop-shop – wherever and whenever! Compact and ideal to carry around, the Charge Anyway is a battery charger which doubles up as an instant powerbank, offering just one device to meet different power and functional needs.

A culture change

Changing to rechargeable technology needn’t be a chore; it just needs a shift in attitude and behaviour. The relatively seamless switch to reusing carrier bags over recent years proves just how easily it can be done.
Outdoor enthusiasts are often more eco-conscious consumers, but over half the UK population still don’t know that all batteries can be recycled once they reach their end of life.
With programmes like Blue Planet highlighting the impact of plastic waste on the environment, consumers are now becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their purchases and habits and this is leading to a change in behaviour.
If we make recharging, recycling and reusing a priority to reduce waste we can reduce our footprint and our impact on the planet. This is the outdoor community’s opportunity to lead the way to a future of more environmentally friendly rechargeable technology being the standard, not just an option!
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