Curious corners of Scotland for when canvas wont cut it

Inshriach House, Cairngorms

Pictured above, The Bothy Project at Inshriach House was partly funded by the Royal Scottish Academy and for half of the year it is a residence for an artist, the other half as a seriously stylish shelter. It has a wood-burner, outdoor shower and a mezzanine bed. But if you want quirk, check out the Beermoth, a converted 1956 fire truck on site.

Seahorses, Drumbeg, Sutherland

The story is worth recounting: the owner found himself a remote headland in the NW corner of Sutherland. Facing one way he saw the Atlantic Ocean – the other Quinag Mountain, and he decided he wanted to build a house there. Only one problem – no road and half a mile through the toughest rocks in the British Isles – Lewisian Gneiss. Not to be deterred he spent 12 months blasting his way through the rock until he reached this perfect headland – and built a house to a traditional croft house style. Now available for holiday lettings all year round.

The Duck’s Nest, Cairngorms

The Duck's Nest
The Duck’s Nest is part of a larger complex near Aviemore and Granttown-on-Spey that includes the Lazy Duck Hostel, a campsite and another lodge, but it is this cute lakeside residence that got our attention. It is set up for couples. It has a wood-burning stove, a hot water outdoor shower and a stove on the deck that overlooks the water.