With applications for the 2017 TGO Challenge opening online on 16 September we thought we’d give a quick introduction to what our Scottish backpacking event is all about – with the help of Instagram and those tagging their adventures with #TGOChallenge


Received an acceptance pack in the post. I’m doing the #TGOChallenge in the spring!

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Head to tgochallenge.co.uk from 16 September and fill in our online form to sign up. In this you’ll need to demonstrate that you have enough backpacking experience to safely complete a two-week self-supported walk across challenging terrain. The closing date for applications is 31 October.

Start planning!

Our route for the 2016 #tgochallenge (more or less!) #tgoc #scotland #hiking #backpacking #shielbridge

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We’ll notify you if you are one of the 300 people who are accepted to take part each year. From then you’ll need to start planning your route. Before you go your route will need to be sent to the Challenge’s experienced team of vetters to make sure it is safe and passable.

Get your bag packed

Adventure awaits…. . . . . @klawrz @ospreypacks #tgochallenge #scotland #osprey #ouncecounting

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Remember, it’s a two-week trip and you’ll be more than likely to experience one or more days away from any amenities. So pack wisely.

Set off from the west coast of Scotland

Signing the book at the start of the 2016 #tgochallenge at #shielbridge #backpacking #hiking #scotland #tgoc

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There are 13 starting places in the west where Challengers will need to sign out. Click here to see the full list.



#bt2 on the #tgochallenge

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The ‘reveal moment’. Taken on the #TGOChallenge #travel #adventure #wildernessculture

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Reach the east coast

You can finish wherever you like – but if you’d like some help to choose you should find Roger Smith’s advice useful – click here.


Join in with the finish celebrations at The Park Hotel in Montrose. Then start thinking about next year’s Challenge!
For more information head to tgochallenge.co.uk