Our pick of some of the best Instagram accounts capturing Scotland at the moment

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Cover photo: Glencoe Highlands by Steve Oates

Chris Dysart


Chris is busy pursuing his  passion for walking by undertaking a challenge to complete all 282 Munros. So far he has achieved 39 and taken astounding photos along the way.

Chris says, “There’s a famous quote by Jack Kerouac: ‘Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.’ This is a quote I stand by. The outdoors for me is a sense of freedom, learning new things and challenging myself. My love for Scotland grows each day, for every mountain I climb and every road I drive, you really get to appreciate the beautiful country that we live in.”


John Heaney

John’s photography is slightly different from the other accounts we have chosen. He presents the dark, almost eerie beauty of Scotland’s landscape and has taken some fantastic shots of lakes and woodland. 
John says, “I have always had a passion for the outdoors, be it walking, camping, or climbing mountains. I love nothing more than capturing the beautiful scenery and moments I see with my camera in order to share them with other people. In my opinion the landscapes of Scotland are some of the most beautiful in the world and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to photograph and explore them.”


George Turner


George has photographed his adventures across the world, but it’s his shots of Skye that have captivated us. Check out his amazing sunsets, it will have you itching for a trip to the Isle.

George says: “Having been brought up in the south of England (Dorset), mountains always had this mystical allure in my mind. After spending a year in New Zealand’s South Island, I was convinced nothing could ever come close again: I was wrong. The best part? It was on my doorstep… Scotland! The mountains, the wildlife, the lochs, the people, the… well… everything.



Wendy Sylvester

Wendy, who works at Loch Insh Water Sports and Outdoor Activity Centre near Aviemore, has captured the beauty of Scotland’s mountain’s and lochs on her account. 
Wendy says, “I love Scotland and everything about it, especially our scenery, culture and history. I’ve had links to the Scottish outdoors from a young age and hope to still be wandering around in them when I’m 100. The wide spaces, fresh air and people you share these experiences with are reason enough to spend time outdoors without the additional rewards from the effort endeavor such as stunning views, fresh ski tracks, unique wildlife and memories that last days, weeks and years after the adventure has finished.”

Loch Morlich looking rather lovely.
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Steve Oates


Steve photographs everything Scottish. From Edinburgh to Glencoe, bright summer sunshine and dazzling winter snow; he captures the essence of the country and why so many have fallen in love with it.

Steve says, “We are so lucky to live in Scotland. It’s such a beautiful and varied landscape that can change so dramatically with the weather. It creates an atmosphere that you don’t always get in other countries. Being able to get out and explore this so that I can share my experiences with the world is such a great pleasure.”

Mountaineers on Meall a’ Bhùiridh, Glencoe, with Glas Choire in the background. #highlandcollective #glencoe

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