Keep warm and dry this winter with Polartec.

For many years, the outdoors industry has prioritised high waterproof ratings and we’ve lapped it up, thinking it’s the best way to stay dry outside during wet British winters. But for many of us, our love of vigorous or strenuous outdoor activities means that we’re now put off waterproof clothing because we simply sweat too much inside. We’re fed up of being cold and clammy. 

That’s why the industry focus is now switching to breathability. Breathability is a fabric’s ability to quickly absorb our sweat and then release it through the material itself, giving it a chance to evaporate. If you can combine this with protection against the elements then you have a winning formula. 

And none have nailed this more than Polartec. One of their recent fabric innovations is a good name to get to know this autumn and winter. NeoShell offers an unrivaled capacity to stop water and wind permeating through to your skin, without restricting the release of sweat and excess body heat out. 

If you’re looking for a versatile outdoor jacket that follows this formula, you could do no better than investing in the award-winning 66 North Snaefell Jacket featuring Polartec NeoShell. Named after Mount Snaefell, the largest free-standing mountain in Iceland. You could stroll, hike or run your way up wearing this jacket in cold, wet weather and stay dry from the outside and inside.

It’s won both the prestigious ISPO Outdoor Award and the Scandinavian Outdoor Award. ISPO is the world’s biggest sports trade fair and judges noted the Snaefell as being “a jacket for even the most demanding customers…Due to the high-tech Polartec NeoShell material, the Snæfell Jacket offers extraordinary function for many different applications. Perfect finish and clever detail solutions round out the high-quality overall concept, suitable for a broad target group of outdoor athletes.” The judging team on the Scandinavian Outdoor Awards gave first prize and overall winner for the Snaefell being a: “simple, clean and not overengineered and over designed jacket. The Snæfell is the perfect allrounder: a jacket you bring with you whole year round.”

Its simple, classic design means you won’t look out of place walking down the street in it as well. It can be worn over a base layer, mid-layer or insulation jacket – depending on the conditions you’re looking at. And those clever detail solutions, mentioned above, include pre-shaped elbows, an integrated swivel hood with a visor which follows your movements and won’t block peripheral vision, seamless shoulders, and handy pockets. The fabric itself is also lightweight, soft, quiet and highly durable. 

Polartec NeoShell has been termed an ‘engineering breakthrough’ in fabric design. It’s been designed with a sub-micron membrane structure at its core. By coming up with an optimal pore size and placement, NeoShell is able to release body heat and sweat without a high-pressure build-up. This continuous air exchange enhances our natural thermoregulation – keeping our internal core temperature stable. This is all done without sacrificing the necessary protection from wind and rain which we all need in order to keep enjoying British winters outside.