Today our featured post from the TGO Blogger Network is an honest and thought-provoking look at how Keith Foskett struggles with depression while backpacking
Keith Foskett is the author of several well-regarded backpacking books including The Last Englishman and Balancing on Blue, as well as an outdoor blogger. Last year he wrote about his struggles with depression and how it stands between him and the long-distance trails he aspires to complete. In his latest piece, he tells the story of how he never even started his latest thru-hike – a long-dreamt-of crossing of Crete – and yet he still considers the trip a personal victory. The stigma surrounding depression is fading.
This year I didn’t hike across Crete. However, having developed a courage and strength to battle this monster, I packed, got to the airport, and spent a fantastic ten days there. This may not seem like a major accomplishment to you, but in some ways, it proved a worthier victory than hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.
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